While the word ‘bohemian’ has generally been reserved for vintage 70’s peasant blouses and socially shunned hippie's, bohemia is taking on a new role in luxury travel.
As millennials bend and stretch the confines of what it means to be successful, they’re also changing our approach to a successful, and luxury, lifestyle.

Since frequent international travel became the norm, mammoth 5-star hotels and resorts have been the epitome of a luxury vacation. However, the young backpackers that spent summers traipsing around South East Asia have come into their own professionally. And they’re changing the way we travel.

In a world where the average American can spend 10 hours a day looking at a screen, the new wave of luxury travel is a disconnection. Enter: bohemian luxury travel. Remote destinations, local culture, beautiful natural surroundings and a focus on well-being are the main pillars of this new sense of luxury.

Tulum Lifestyle

Mexico as a whole has embraced this new approach to luxe travel. The all-encompassing culture, exotic landscapes and temperate climate are well-suited to a laid-back luxury vacation.
Places such as Sayulita and Todos Santos are well-loved for being easy-going surf spots, for example. But Tulum has truly taken the crown for ultimate bohemian travel destination.

Bohemian: Noun - a person from Bohemia or who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices. Adjective - living a wandering or vagabond life, as a Gypsy. The new epicentre of bohemia? Tulum, Mexico!

At the beginning of 2016, Tulum was heralded as the No.1 Travel Destination on the Rise by Tripadvisor. And risen it has. A backpacker’s secret turned bohemian luxury destination, Tulum has retained it’s focus on conservation and has become a poster-destination for eco-luxury travel.
Rustic cabanas, virgin beaches and donation-based yoga have paved the way for boutique eco-hotels, wellness spas, world-class restaurants and luxury beach bars.

While Tulum may be attracting a considerably more affluent set of hipsters these days, don’t be dismayed. The nomadic feel of Tulum has persisted. Much of the town remains off-grid and wants to keep it that way.
Restaurants like Hartwood prepare meals on open fires, guests dine amongst the palms, ‘clubs’ such as Papaya Playa Project are beach-front and ravers party with their toes in the sand.
Exactly what makes Tulum such a must-visit for today’s luxury travellers is its dedication to the bohemian ideals of unconvention and disconnection.

If Tulum is somehow still too ‘mainstream’ and the jungle is calling, Sian Ka’an Biosphere is just south of Tulum.
One of Mexico’s biggest preservation areas, Sian Ka’an stretches along 75 miles of coastline and covers a total of 1.3 million acres of sprawling jungle. While preservation is the ultimate mission, a luxury eco-resort is now hidden within the wilderness.
Nothing says luxury like perfect privacy and within Sian Ka’an, the KanXuk Blue Maya resort is only accessible by boat, helicopter or 4x4 cars.

Offering a new sense of wellbeing, a reconnection with nature and yourself all in a high-end, picture perfect setting - bohemian luxury is the future of travel and Tulum is on the forefront.

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